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Shape and Size
We produce Ingots, Billets and Rods of "Copper Alloys" of the following forms/sizes and specifications :
bulet Ingots :
21" x 3" x 2" - weight < 14 Kg.
12" x 3" x 2" - weight < 8 Kg.
bulet Billets:
Round Dia 5", 6" and 8" cut to length specified by the buyers. min. length 6" and max. length - 54"
brown bullet Cast Rods:
Round, Square, Hexagons or any profile of uniform dia/cross sectional thickness from 0.5 to 3 inches and maximum length upto 36 inches.
Of various Copper Alloys - commonly known as
Aluminum Bronzes, Gun Metals, Manganese Bronzes, and Special Brasses
Following are the USUAL TERMS and Conditions on which we sell :
brown bullet Pricing :
The pricing can be either fixed or indexed to the prices quoted on LME / COMEX (agreed formula based on the spot price on the date of shipment).
brown bullet Quantity :
The minimum quantity sold in one order (for one or more alloys together) is 20 MT.
brown bullet Delivery :
Usually in wooden boxes or strapped on wooden pallets in a 20 feet container.
brown bullet Terms of Payment:
Through Bank on CAD (payment against documents) basis before or on arrival of the container at the destination port.
bulet We buy different types of scrap including insulated copper cable, insulated aluminum cable, lead- copper cable, big pump housings, condensers, nickel and zinc.
bulet The usual term of payment is CAD through Bank; however, we also open irrevocable letter of credit negotiable at any international bank of repute.
bulet The minimum quantity (of either a single type or a mixed lot of known scrap) needs to be 20 MTs (one fcl).
bulet The price quotes need to be CIF Kandla (India).
brown bullet Melting :
Melting of Virgin metals/master alloys or Clean and Sorted scrap of known composition in the pre-determined quantities (depending upon the buyers' specification) is done in the main frequency induction furnace and oil-fired crucible furnace..
The details of Inputs used, melting temperature, degassing temperature, degassing agents used, slag removals, sample-drawing with spectro-analysis and pouring temperature are logged.
brown bullet Pouring and Casting of Metal:
Molten Metal is poured using a pre-heated ladle into permanent moulds for ingots; holding crucibles (bottom-pouring) into water-cooled moulds for billets; sand-moulds or dies for rods.
brown bullet Billet Cutting:
The billets are first cut for removal of shrinkage and then cut again to obtain the desired length using the billet cutting machines.
brown bullet Rods:
In case of rods production, either the sand casting or die-casting method is employed in which the molten metal is poured in the sand moulds or dies.
brown bullet Drawing/Cutting of Rods:
The rods are cold-drawn thru cutting-die on draw-benches for obtaining cross sectional uniformity and good surface finish. They are then cut to remove the ends.

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We are one of the largest producers of Brass Screws, Brass Anchors, Brass Nuts, Brass bolts and Brass terminals from Jamnagar India. We have our own Brass extrusion plant admeasuring 120000 sq ft which offers high quality Brass raw material which helps us to produce high end Brass inserts , Brass Neutral links, Brass Sanitary fittings, Brass connectors, Brass Inserts, Brass PPR fittings, Brass anchor fasteners etc.

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